Jill Sheffer Broker


Over 25 years ago I came to the Outer Banks and knew that someday I had to live here. Maybe it was the sun and the ocean turning the sky from blue to peach…the dolphins sleek and graceful…the ocean whispering across the sand dunes and sea oats…the peace & solitude…the southern hospitality and grace. In 1985, my family and I purchased our first vacation property, then two investment properties. I was moving close to making the Outer Banks my permanent home. Finally the last step of the process was put into place and I became a permanent resident in 2000. Today I can tell you that it would make me very sad to live anywhere else. The magic has never stopped! As a member of the Resort Realty Team my promise is to provide exceptional service to our clients, sharing my knowledge and experience in real estate for fun and profit. We believe our customers deserve VIP services and our background and experience has taught us how to provide it. Working with me means I will take the time upfront to understand your real estate needs, dreams and investment goals both short and long term, then helping to educate you about our real estate market on the Outer Banks so that you can make the right decisions for you and your family. Whether your interest is a vacation or second home, an investment property or a retirement home, my commitment is to provide exceptional service every step of the way. Why choose me over any other REALTOR? 1. I am a business professional with both academic, corporate and local real estate expereince. 2. My academic credentials include a BS in Business & an MS in Organizational Dynamics from the University of Pennsylvania. 3. My business experience includes over 20 years of executive management and organizational consulting with several fortune 500 firms as well as small family businesses . 4. I am an experienced REALTOR which includes 20+ years of personal, commercial, vacation resort and residential real estate investment. 5. I have been a NC Realtor since 2000 and have been investing in real estate on the Outer Banks since the 1980’s, capitalizinge on the financial rewards of personal investments of both vacation and long term rental properties in Southern Shores, Duck, & Martin’s Point. 6. I am committed to my clients. 7. I believe my customers deserve VIP services and am focused on providing exceptional service every step of the way. 8. I will help you experience the Outer Banks by helping you arrange accom-modations, introducing you to the area, taking the time to understand your personal needs and objectives, finding your dream home and/or best investment option, and taking your transaction from contract to beyond closing in such a way that you will have fun and want to do it again soon! Please call and let me introduce myself to you in person. Better yet, please come to the Outer Banks and meet me in person. I would love to introduce you to the area!